It's 'SOCIAL' Media, So Behave!

As new Social Media platforms continue to role out there are new unwritten rules of what goes and what doesn't go for each one start to emerge.  For instance Twitter generally has a much edgier atmosphere to it than Facebook.  Probably a lot of this is due to the demographics.  Twitter's average age is going down while Facebook's is still moving to a slightly older crowd.  


Even though you may have hundreds, or even thousands, of individuals that you are speaking to through your Social Media channels remember to treat it as if you are still having a one-to-one conversation with each contact.  You are not speaking to a crowded room, you are having a personal conversation with the one person reading your post/tweet/comment.



Here are 10 Ways We're Being Rude in Social Media and Don't Even Know It from the people at Spark Minute.  Can you identify with any of these?

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