Social Engagement. We Help You Join The Conversation.

Maybe you know that your company should be engaged in social media, but just don’t know where to start?  Do you have the accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc..) setup but don’t seem to find the time to update them?

Leapfrawg’s Monthly Social Media Plans provide clients with a customized, professional presence online.  We will review your social media goals, determine which networks you should be a part of, and create and execute a program to help you achieve what you want from social media.

Then, all you have to do is provide Leapfrawg with the basic information and details, and our marketing professionals will create the updates and post them online and monitor engagement.  Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, a blog, or any number of other social media networks, Leapfrawg  will provide a cohesive online presence with solid messaging and quality content.


Leapfrawg’s Monthly Plans provide you with professional social media services without the headache of doing it yourself or the overhead of hiring another employee.  Our dedicated staff works with you to fine tune your messaging and branding so there is a seamless transition between Leapfrawg’s work and yours.

Leapfrawg’s monthly plans take care of the social media marketing for you, leaving you the time to do the things you want to do! 


Just some of our Social Media Services offered


Daily Facebook Management

Facebook Updates

Facebook Engagement & Responding with Fans

Facebook – Timeline Design

Manage Facebook Ad Campaigns (+ cost of ad)

Facebook Monitoring of Competition

Daily Twitter Management

Twitter Updates

Twitter Engagement with Followers (Retweets, Responding, etc)

Twitter Monitoring of Competition

Twitter Background Design

Following & Encouraging Followers



LinkedIn Profile Creation

Manage Company Page

LinkedIn Updates

Engagement in Industry Discussions

Additional Sites (Google+, Pinterest, etc..)

Blog Marketing

Blog Setup

Blog Design

Blog Creation – Content & Posting

Blog Post (content provided by client)

Manage Blog Comments & Responses


Monthly Reports (impressions, likes, etc.)


A La Carte Services 

SEO/SEM Services

Reputation Monitoring


Press Release Writing

Press Release Submissions

Video Creation

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Websites




How it Works

Step 1. Social Media Strategy

You will receive a questionnaire that will give us a good understanding of your business and goals. A phone conversation with your account manager will follow to further discuss your specific situation and needs. We then select the optimal social media platforms, and required engagement, to reach your target market. Since each social media platform has unique features we plan accordingly. For example, a Pinterest post will most likely be very different from the messaging used on Lindedin. But overall they both are part of a larger cohesive strategy.


Step 2. Social Media Execution

Seeding. In many cases we will be starting from scratch, or may be resurrecting a Social Media program that has been neglected. Just as with planting crops on a farm there may not be any noticeable results initially, but the 'seeding' process is very important in establishing the growth to follow.

Feeding. Again, as with crops, the Social Media program must be fed with a steady stream of content. Some people make the mistake of automating this, but for healthy growth, editorial judgment needs to occur for every piece of content and placement. People, who understand Social Media execution are required for this step.

Nuturing. Probably the single biggest mistake made in Social Media is the lack of real engagement with customers and potential customers. All too often people treat Social Media as a forum to post updates and nothing more. But that would be like going to a party, where you quickly move around and say hi to everyone, and then leave. This provides you with no time to engage with other people at the party and the same holds true for Social Media. It is important to also stop, listen and respond. And this also means going to your customers' Social Media platforms and watch what they post, and respond there too.

Weeding. A successful Social Media program will require pruning and weeding out material that does not meet the overall objective of your company. Like a garden there may be some aspects that can grow fast (weeds) but have no contribution in the health of your crop. Monthly reports help show the progress and assist in determining what is on track and what needs to be weeded out.