Where Does All The Time Go When Trying to Manage Social Media?

Dallas Social Media Management
Where does all the time go?

It sounds easy right?  Just quickly get on Facebook, twitter, Google+, and any of the other Social Media platforms beneficial to your business and post something.  But as you have probably discovered, finding something informative, relevant, entertataing or original is not so easy.  Before you know it you have probably spent an hour or two finding, or constructing, just the right post.  That is just one aspect of Social Media and it only scratches the surface.


Now you need to make sure you are positioning your Social Media efforst for maximum SEO value, replying to any comments on your pages, going to your customers' pages and engaging with them there, listening to other Social Media channels to hear if your company or a competitor is being mentioned and then making sure you still have time to run your business.


Most have found (see chart) that the most time-consuming part of Social Media is coming up with good content.  And there is a good reason for that. Just go to any current Marketing seminar and you will hear terms like Content Marketing, In-bound Marketing, and Content is King. It is because good content drives everything.  Without it you might as well be speaking into an empty cave.  So if you are going to handle your own Social Media make sure you spend the proper amount of time coming up with content that will keep your target groups engaged, informed, entertained and most importantly coming back for more. Another alternative is to outsource some of the time burden to a company like Leapfrawg, leaving you with more time to do what you do best, running your business.

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